20 June 2012

Stay Young, Go Dancing

It's been a few months since I started this blog, and because I was moving to a new city and trying to sew my life back together if you will, I didn't have a lot of "free" time on my hands. But finally I do and it is FANTASTIC! It's summer, it's hot, my legs are shaved and I'm running the AC full blast. So I'm stoked to test out my somewhat new Nikon DSLR (I actually got it two years ago, go figure.)

Nice, wonderful camera..me:little to no knowledge of how to operate said camera.

So I'm learning! I love my camera apps, but I'd love to take some great pictures myself with a little better, ehem, quality. 

So moving on to some fashion bits, I've always loved browsing through the mens and boys sections at thrift shops (once I found a real schoolboy's blazer in the boy's section O.O!). So I thought I'd raid my boyfriend's closet and come up with some fantastic looks from them. Of course, we're all aware that one could simply waltz into J.Crew and purchase a menswear-inspired sayyy, oxford shirt. But I personally like to, firstly, get that authentic and original look, and secondly (and more importantly), not have to shell out the Benjamins for a shirt I could find in my man's dresser. Let the days of yore where you stole your dad's work shirts not be lost!

By the way, the photo above^^ is from the Madewell fall '12 lookbook. Here are some more of their I-stole-my-boyfriend's- clothes/got-dressed-while-I-was-still-half-asleep looks to tide you over while I compose an awe-inspiring lookbook of my own:

Ogle-worthy, no? 

Img cred: blogs.babble.com, thefrisky.com

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