03 July 2015

New moves

I never realized how easy peasy it is to make a flower crown! I highly recommend making your own, as you can choose any combination of flowers you like. I made the type that sits on elastic, but I've seen plenty made on top of headbands a la Frida Kahlo, sometimes with a number of wacky materials. I wanted a simple one I could wear to my best friend's wedding and to summer festivals, and I think it turned out pretty nicely!

Here's how I made mine:

Materials- elastic (Michael's), faux flower bouquet (Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Walmart), needle and thread, hot glue gun, felt (for backing).

  1. Use your head to measure the elastic, leaving about an inch of room to overlap both ends.
  2. Thread your needle. Straight pin ends of elastic together and hand sew. I double checked the width here before sewing just to make sure the crown would have the desired looseness.
  3. Cut flowers from the top of the stems. I used fabric scissors.
  4. Cut small pieces of felt for the backing of your flowers
  5. Using your backing, adhere the back of each flower to the elastic with glue. The elastic should sit between the back each flower and a square of felt. 
  6. Repeat until all the flowers are adhered to the headband, I checked the spacing of each before gluing. You may also want to keep in mind how much your elastic stretches as you define the spacing between each flower. 
You're done! You can check out mine on IG @pinsandplats :)


16 June 2015

So I lied

\\\\\\\\\\I can't leave this blog.

I'm not sure why, but even after all these years I keep coming back hoping to make something of this thing. Who knows? Hmmmm..

Right now though I am MEGA hungover and need a nap. Last night I went to The Local, an Atlanta bar/karaoke spot, and had a wonderful time with some new friends. I needed that. Charlie and I drank two pitchers and had shots of Fireball courtesy of Harley, which was super nice. And Harley sang "Friend Like Me" in German! Total crowd pleaser.

I had work this morning (bummer), but now I'm finally home and feeling tired but in a good way. It ihas been muy caliente here the past few days. I think it took everyone by surprise just how hot it got in a matter of days. Plus my AC is out. 

I joined a book club recently. I always wanted to and now I have. The first meeting is next month, and we'll discuss "Bad Feminist" by Roxanne Gay. Have any of you read it? Is it any good? I'm excited to order it on Amazon. It's been a minute since I ordered a book that isn't for school. I think the last one I ordered was a pamphlet on soap making, which is another dream of mine. 

Speaking of ordering, I have to order my bridesmaids dress from Modcloth! My BFF is getting married in four months, and I couldn't be happier to support her and her hubs on their special day. And I get to buy something cute! Plus it's Day of the Dead themed! Hooray for all the adorable things. here's the dress:

Tomorrow we are crafting flower crowns and wedding hangers. I also have some pretty adorable photos from the engagement shoot that I did for the couple that I'll have to share here so you can see for yourself how kickass these people are IRL. Honestly, I don't know how I feel about marriage in the first place, but I like celebrations, and this one is certain to be the best party of the year. 

Plus love! Yay!


09 November 2014

Striking a balance

The shirt I throw on each morning is carefully calculated. It is weighed against the others with the utmost consideration as I try to find the perfect middle ground between "fashionable" and "basic-as-hell."

And for the past year or so, my style has leaned a little more toward the latter.

With gusto I have been reaching for whatever is comfortable, making way for the cotton top, the almighty denim jean. I justify these decisions by telling myself I am a college senior, I am in my mid-twenties, and most importantly -- I can do whatever I want, nah nah nah nah boo boo.

Gone are the days I spent hours online (window) shopping, curating epic wish lists of never-to-be-purchased items that would go so wonderfully with a black bowler hat, a pink lip and a fuck you attitude (wait, wait, the attitude is here to stay, I kid you not).

And that was fuuuuun! Hella fun. I sort of miss it. I was reminded of those times as I opened a tab to one of my favorite stores to purchase a pair of lace-up boots, only to realize that WAIT! I should totally look for a winter coat while I'm at it...maybe a pair of socks to go with the boots...a shirt for work...and HEY KHAKIS ARE ON SALE 


Haha. Yes, I said khakis. But more importantly, a coat! 

A couple years back and only a few clicks away I posted a photo of my new at the time (but still fresh as hell) winter coat. It is still totally kickass, but completely IMPRACTICAL for Atlanta weather. Seriously that ish is like an oven on mah skin.

And negating last February's snowpocalypse, there is absolutely no reason to own a coat that large and warm in the South. Please, ibegofyou take it off my hands! Maybe we can swap meet or something.

I'm looking for something lightweight, for cold that rarely drops below 30 degrees in the daytime. Plus I like to layer. A lightweight duster, cocoon coat or trench would all be acceptable.

If you know of anything matching the description, please point me hither and yon! 

If you are feeling basic as hell, let's swap ideas for shaking up our wardrobes or something! I think I'm in the market for a new look but not really sure where to begin.


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