10 July 2012

My heart was a hysterical, unreliable organ.

Hello, lovelies! I'm back! I had to take a little break to figure some "things" out, live life, take care of school paperwork (it's a bitch, that financial aid), and generally be awesome. And I'm so excited, because I realized that I have so much news to share! But before I break into that, let's talk shoes. While shopping at Urban Hipsterfitters yesterday, I spotted a b-e-a-yoootiful pair of Sam-Edleman ankle boots, and I thought to myself, "I don't really have a pair of ankle boots!" Even though, of course, I actually do, but not the sort that I've deemed perfect to go with each and every outfit I own (do those really exist though? Anybody?). And without so much ado, here they are:
^^Sam Edelman Petty Boot preeeetty boot :P

These are so fantastic..I can't describe it in words, but you can be certain that I'll try: the love child of cowboy and Chelsea boots, all wrapped up in soft black suede. My mind started racing with the seeming catalog of street style photos in my head, flipping through images of girls and boys in cuffed trousers and boots, their ankles exposed in sockless rebellion!


Two babe'n ladies captured by Phil Oh

I don't know if you've picked up on it yet, but I have a penchant for menswear turned ladieswear, which should actually be the term for this sort of look...trousers cuffed, blazers bared, oxfords laced. I'm more intrigued these days, by the way a person wears her clothes rather than what the clothes are themselves. Although I do believe in a "curated" wardrobe, where each piece you own has a significance. But more on that later.
So as much as I love "the boots", I'm not certain they're the ones for me (based on monetary reasons). So after eons (15 minutes) of searching for a pair that were comparable, I came across these babies:

This is what I found at more than half the price, at the always fantastic A-sauce. And I'm telling you, these are my new super shoes that I will wear everyday, with everything. The fall wardrobe planning has commenced!

So where have I been lately? Hmmm? Well here's a good part of that explanation: I've been MIA becaaause....I've been planning to open my own Etsy shop! YAYYY! I've always wanted to start my own business, but I could never settle on what I wanted to sell! I've tossed around different ideas, including opening a vintage shop, making/selling re-purposed clothing, and starting my own indie magazine (an idea that I still fully believe will come to fruition one day). But after an enlightening visit to American Apparel and continunous daily inspiration via Pinterest, I came to the conclusion that I want to make and sell unique accessories: hair bows, head bands, collar pieces and the like! So, with the help of my business partner and sister Rebecca, we will be opening an accessories store to showcase our original pieces. I'll be posting the link to the store within the month, so make sure you hit that ;-)

Vacation, all I ever wanted

So this is where I leave you for the moment - my own vacation three long days away, making lists of all the things I'll be doing while on Hilton Head Island. I'll be bringing updates here of course, the best updates reserved for those of you readers who leave a comment detailing your vacation plans - past, present, or future. It doesn't make a difference: memories are eternal!

Don't forget to wear your sunblock ---xo


  1. I very much enjoy the way you write. Clever stuff. Can't wait to check out your new shop!

  2. Great pictures! I love these shoes and I have some similar one:) Wish I had one in every colour:) Your are gorgeous!!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  3. Shanx :)
    I actually ended up getting them about a month ago, and they're like all I wear. Epic wardrobe staple!

    Sure thing xo