26 March 2012

Demise of the Pink Skinny Jeans

I like to hang on to a lot of my clothes, even if I have not worn some of them in a year or more. It seems like a stupid idea, because after a couple of years styles fall out of trend and become seemingly obsolete, making you look like a foolish goob if you even attempt to wear that Ed Hardy trucker hat (you know who you are)! I don't own a single trucker hat, but I do own a sheer, floral blouse from grade 10 in high school (circa 2006). I also have some studded belts from 2005 that have come in handy for studding the random pair of shoes or blah bag here and there. And that is why I attempt not to haul too many things off to Goodwill...
Clearly I can make this mistake though. Because I somewhat recently carted off a pair of pastel pink skinny jeans, when pastels are one of the biggest trends this Spring that I am seeing girls on street style sites pull off epically. What a f*** me moment :0

But although it may have been a callous move, considering that to achieve this trend you almost have to wear pastel head to toe, I think I may be able to pull this trend off somehow...stay tuned for the gripping results!


  1. Well written, though I can't say I have any fondness for pastels myself. Much too delicate for my liking. I'd say it's a good thing you sold the pants. Haha

  2. Well they were kind of silly anyway...