26 March 2012

The Internet Is a Big Fat Distraction

I technically started this blog two weeks ago, and this is only post #3...how sad. Now this could be easily blamed on writer's block, but I'm not actually suffering from that malady at the moment - I'm really full of ideas! The problem here lies in the dubious internet, which is constantly foiling my plans for world fashion domination! But rather than bitch and moan about my web ADD, I figured I could share with you some of the things that have been distracting, and even inspiring me, throughout the time I spend composing blog entries.
Chloe Sevigney will always be one of my fashion "icons" as she rocks everything with admirable panache. Amen.
This girl, whoever she is (this looks like a bonafide Sartorialist photo, but don't quote me on that), represents what I love most about fashion: original, unrelenting personal style. In fact, I hope that one day I can compose an outfit this amazing.
I found a snapshot of this young lad on collegefashionista.com, which is a street style site that allows you to search for photos by college! Isn't that neat?? I'm loving seeing what other students, like this one from SCAD are wearing. I like how this guy matches without seeming like he meant to...note the blue bright blue shoes and notebook, the cardigan and pants (and his hair heh).
Ahhhh! I'm finding it so hard to focus...where is the Publish button?! Ah...found it...

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