31 March 2012

Vintage Sunglasses Collection

I was browsing my hometown Goodwill last weekend and purchased only three things: "Heathers" and "Aladdin" on VHS, and a fantastic pair of vintage sunglasses to add to my collection. Well, my glasses collection, that is...I have yet to build a nice vintage sunglasses collection, but let's just call it an assemblage in the making. I'm working on it! Here are the ones I picked up, in all their 1970's glory -

 It was a bitch trying to get these to show up purple, but make no mistake, they are "grape juice" all the way. The gold bar on the top makes them look like aviators, which is exciting because that means these are the first of that kind that I've ever owned! 

 These are by far my favorite sunnies at the moment. I got them a few years ago from a friend, as she was trying to do some closet pruning and didn't fancy them anymore. They had belonged to her stylish grandmother. I tossed them in a drawer and forgot about them until recently, and here I am, breathing new life into them. Don't you love that about vintage? Oh, and yes, they are cat-eye and tortoiseshell!

By the way I dyed my hair "darkest brown" a week ago, it turned out black, and now I look like Janeane Garofalo. Thoughts?


  1. Both of those pairs of sunglasses look fantastic. As do you. Hmmm, a likeness to Janeane Garofolo? She is rather hilarious. Need more posts!!!

  2. love the sunglasses

    Much Love ♡

    Jess †

  3. how cool heather in VHS !! I wish I had that

    1. Regina,

      You might be able to find it thrifting! There's always really good surprises at Goodwill. Do you have a love for cheesy movies too?! Lol.

      Thanks for reading :)