07 November 2012

You are Eeyore. I am tigger. Let's Bounce.

It's a super gray day at school. Beige buildings on gray sky, puddled pavement, drip drip dripping leaves. Plop! Right on my head. 

It's sort of nice in Atlanta though, at least to me (someone explain why they hate rain. My fiancee just texted me saying that the gloom was ruining his day. I personally love rain, thunderstorms, wind, clouds, and earth elements in general! Bring it on Mama Nature! Perhaps I'm just a product of my east-coast raisin'). I get tired of the warmth peeking out beneath the cover of a day that starts out cool, but by afternoon is a sweaty 80 degrees, and you wonder, why Georgia, WHY? Why is it hot in October?? But it's a week into November now and we haven't had a warm day yet. *Knock on wood*

So with the day being "gloomy" as it is, I decided to put the most minimal effort ever into getting dressed this morning. 'Cause that's what rainy days are for. But no, I didn't wear sweatpants, silly, as I am too high and mighty or perhaps I am just rightfully concerned about putting my best foot forward or whatever they say...but I did schlep on a pair of trusty jeans and...wait for it...a t-shirt! Blue jeans and a white t-shirt, a gray hoodie and a brown leather jacket. Boom. Loafers and multicolored mittens. Double boom!

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