15 November 2012

Ribbon! Fabric! Glue!

WHEW. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this semester to be drawing to a close! Tomorrow is my last day of class, so Saturday begins my week-long Thanksgiving break! Hoorayyyy! The flurry of happiness is slightly dampened, though, by the fact that I still have assignments and exams once class is back in session on the 26th (I have a persuasive speech, group research project and multiple upcoming finals BOO) but rather than get overwhelmed, I'm going to take things one day at a time, spacing out schoolwork with days to chill in between :)
And by chill I mean spend time with my wonderful family, read and write wonderful things and get wonderfully crafty!! That's right - it's HOLIDAY CRAFT TIME. 

A snap of me and Becca(my sister)'s recent DIY madness
I have been posting craft ideas like a mofo on Pinterest these days! To me, winter holidays mean two three things: food, family and CRAFTS, but mainly crafts, ya'll. So I'm busting out the glue gun with wreckless abandon - I will literally be gluing buttons to everything in my path. But for real. When you're on your own for the first time, you probably have little more than a couple strings of colored lights to your name. Not only do DIY decorations cost less and hone your craft skills, they also look so gosh dern festive! Here are some neat ideas I'd like to try this holiday season:

Adorable tree craft with BUTTONS.
Pom pom garlaaaand. I first saw this craft in Bust's book on how to be awesome basically, and have wanted to do it ever since!
Sticks with glitter! Festive, easy, lovely. Throw them in a vase and enjoy.

Okay so technically I've made little xmas boxes via matchboxes before when I was a kid (my Mom instilled the love of DIY in me at an early age), but I want to make some more! I especially can't wait to try making them out of aluminum foil boxes :3

Speaking of DIY...I got some black and silver pyramid studs recently, which I used to jazz up my plain denim jacket. YESSS

What do you get crafty with?