01 February 2013

I go out in blankets

On freezing cold mornings I want to wear my big wrap coat, because it is so warm and wintery, and I can leave my house feeling just as cozy as I did when I awoke. But as the day wears on, and afternoon hits, that fashionable coat becomes such a burden. It's 55 degrees and sunny and the coat weighs heavy on my arm, halfway dragging on the ground. Not such a great idea anymore.

This is the winter coat I've had for two years. I still love it.
Enter the remedy, one of the best style strategies ever: layering. Benefits: it’s easier to shed thin layers and toss them your bag as the day warms up than dealing with one thick layer; if you’re bored with your wardrobe, you can just pile on a ton of random things on top, wear jeans on the bottom and voila! Somehow you look totally put together and chic; literally the possibilities are endless – bikini tops over turtlenecks? Well, why not?
Here are my tips for those new to layering as well as those fashion veterans looking to shake things up:

The way she wears this bodysuit kills me. Too chic for words.
Layer the second: button-down/sweater combo. Can't go wrong. Via sartorialist
When all else fails, throw an Edwardian-style collar over everything. Instant royalty. Via hel-looks
  • The first, bottom layer: It's best to wear something really tight on the bottom, as this helps insulate your body and keeps everything else from looking too bulky. Think thermals (Forever 21 always has them) and long sleeve tees (Target, Gap, Old Navy...), or, my favorites, turtlenecks and unitards (American Apparel has heaps). I like to keep this layer the most basic, adding interest as I go.
  • The second layer:  This is when things start going awry, in a good way of course. Button downs and cardigans are foolproof over layer 1, as are said button downs under sweaters/sweatshirts. The latter option may not require a first layer, which is okay, because there are no real rules to achieve the look; the most important thing is to experiment to your heart's content. This would be a great moment to revive some of those lonely pieces pushed to the far corners of your closet. 
  • The third layer: Outerwear is my favorite part of the process, because it is by far the most fun. Keep things light with an anorak, denim jacket or quilted vest, or go with a heavier, perhaps wool-blend jacket depending on the weather. Personally, I look forward to the day someone, anyone, wears a poncho or straight-up blanket in lieu of a jacket/coat. This is also the point where I put on my socks (a crucial moment), beanie, big belt, scarf, whatever, etc. Experimentation is key, plus it's fun. Warning: you will end up with a pile of clothes on your floor.
  There you go! That's it. I always cater the outfit to the weather, but the splendid thing about layering is that you can do it in any season. It's all about creating texture and dimension in an outfit, so consider mixing different textiles - chiffon with leather, silk with knit - to make your outfit interesting. Ultimately, HAVE FUN. Happy layer jamming.
**A condensed version of this article can be found here, on the Signal's website. My name is not Joshua Yu though, so they really need to change that! Lol. It's funny because they still have my bio at the end :P

Love yas/


  1. Well-written. Your skills are developing, and you have great style.

    1. Telescopic Plains,

      Thank you. I always love to read your encouraging words, my faithful! You've helped me break out of this shell I've been in.

      xo Sam